Anagnostopoulos Konstantinos
(University of Crete)
Large $N$ Dynamics of Dimensionally Reduced 4D SU($N$) Super Yang-Mills Theory

We perform Monte Carlo simulations of a supersymmetric matrix model, which is obtained by dimensional reduction of 4D SU(N) super Yang-Mills theory. The model can be considered as a four-dimensional counterpart of the IIB matrix model. We extract the space-time structure represented by the eigenvalues of bosonic matrices. We measure various Wilson loop correlators which represent string amplitudes and we observe a nontrivial universal scaling in $N$. We also observe that the Eguchi-Kawai equivalence to ordinary gauge theory does hold at least within a finite range of scale. Comparison with the results for the bosonic case clarifies the role of supersymmetry in the large $N$ dynamics.

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