Ellis John
Physics Goals of the next century at CERN

After recalling briefly the main physics issues beyond the Standard Model, the main physics objectives of experiments at CERN in the coming decade(s) are reviewed. These include the conclusion of the LEP programme during the year 2000, a limited number of fixed-target experiments during the following years, the CNGS long-baseline neutrino programme and the LHC, both scheduled to start in 2005. Then possible accelerator projects at CERN after the LHC are reviewed, in the expectation that an $e^+ e^-$ linear collider in the TeV energy range will be built elsewhere. The default option for CERN's next major project may be the CLIC multi-TeV $e^+ e^-$ collider project. Also interesting is the option of a three-step scenario for muon storage rings, starting with a neutrino factory, continuing with one or more Higgs factories, and culminating in a $\mu^+ \mu^-$ collider at the high-energy frontier.

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