Loucatos Sotiris
Antares, an underwater neutrino detector

The ANTARES collaboration is building a neutrino telescope at a depth of 2400m in the Mediterranean Sea offshore from Toulon in France. Since 1996, R&D and site measurements led to the development of technology necessary to build a telescope based on Cherenkov light detection. This first stage is now successfully completed, results will be presented. Work is now starting on the construction of a detector of effective area 0.1 square kilometres to be deployed in the sea in 2002-2003. This detector can search for sources of high energy neutrinos: the galactic centre, active galactic nuclei, gamma ray bursts, relic neutralinos captured in the earth, sun and the galactic centre and measure atmospheric neutrino oscillations in the range of mixing parameters indicated by the SuperKamiokande experiment.

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