Mousa Jehad
(NCSR Demokritos)
Results from the 1999 Beam Test of a Preshower Prototype

At the end of June 1999 a test of a preshower prototype, equipped with real-size detectors and LHC-style electronics, was tested in the H4 beam at CERN in front of a matrix of "Endcap" crystals. Data were taken with variety of incident electron energies, and three angles of incidence (to simulate different regions of the CMS endcaps). The prototype functioned well, with a very small startup period and operated successfully for the duration of the test(~ 1 week) without intervention. Good agreement has been found between data and a GEANT-3 based simulation, and the absolute results are promising. Plants are presented for a further test of the prototype in 2000 in the H2 beam inside the 3T magnet.

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