Perivolaropoulos Leandros
(NCSR Demokritos)
Scale Dependence of Cosmological Constant Antigravity

Newton's law gets modified in the presence of a cosmological constant by a small repulsive term (antigravity) that is proportional to the distance. Assuming a value of the cosmological constant consistent with the recent SnIa data ($\Lambda \simeq 10^{-52} m^{-2}$) we investigate the significance of this term on various astrophysical scales. We find that on galactic scales or smaller (less than a few tens of kpc) the dynamical effects of the vacuum energy are negligible by several orders of magnitude. On scales of 1Mpc or larger however we find that vacuum energy can significantly affect the dynamics. For example we show that the velocity data in the Local Group of galaxies correspond to galactic masses increased by 35\% in the presence of vacuum energy. The effect is even more important on larger low density systems like clusters of galaxies or superclusters.

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